10+ years

creating digital experiences


Over the years I've worked with companies big and small - from global brands to tiny startups.

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"Extremely hard working, making the effort to get a job done as efficiently, swiftly, and precisely as possible"
Chris Delahunty, Founder


I've led Agile teams, designed experiences, built web applications, developed games, and written digital strategies.

User experience

I can design user experiences from paper to prototype, conduct one-to-one usability research and team workshops, and analyse results.

My approach to UX 


I can develop websites in HTML5/CSS3, using PHP frameworks like Laravel and SilverStripe. I've made games and 3D infographics, too.

Development skills and knowledge 

Digital strategy

I've managed Agile teams of developers and designers, implemented digital and social strategies and worked with multiple senior stakeholders.

My management experience 
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