usability consultant, manager, developer, strategist

hello, I'm tom haczewski (just 'tom' is fine)

I'm a usability consultant, web developer and digital manager with more than 10 years of commercial experience, working with top brands and startups nationwide.

I've designed and built interfaces for complex ecommerce systems, programmed code until the early hours of the morning, conducted extensive face-to-face usability tests, led teams of web developers and designers, and written common-sense digital strategies that work.

Having worked clientside I understand the challenges of a business - be it internal policies or financial frameworks and compliance, to tight budgets and seat-of-your-pants deadlines. And my experience running the web side of a dynamic digital agency means I'm versatile, flexible and easy to talk to.

I'm currently available for new projects so email me today and let's see how we can work together.

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Virgin Money

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